About Us

We at Green Diet are committed to delivering an excellent product and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to make your goal a reality. We understand the frustration dealing with weight problems and have tirelessly worked to offer the best we can. From our fair prices to our commitment to have our product in your hands as soon as we can. We are always striding to improve how we do things to better serve our loyal customers. We thank everyone who has helped us grow through the years and look forward to ever improving and always being the best at what we do.


In 1999 Talla Baja was born and since has been helping thousands meet their weight loss goals. A secret gem that we have continuously attempted to expose to the world. In 2010 we launched our first website and it has since grown and improved. From new looks to new methods of delivering our product. As of July 2014 we re branded under the "TallaBajaDiet.com" name and put our personal touch on each product while maintaining the same powerful formula. At the same time we pushed for 5 day shipping and dropped the old 4 week model. Since then we have maintained orders flowing out as soon as they came in. We are determined to improve even that as this year goes on. On January of 2015 we launched a new website under TheGreen.Diet with all new features and a much easier experience to our customers as we finally drop the "Talla Baja" name and transition to Green Diet.


To our valued customers, we will continue to give our all to exceed your expectations. To our new customers, join the 10,000+ people that have met their goals and and passed on the knowledge and experience to friends and family. We at Green Diet could make incredible claims, but until you use it and feel the change you will not understand the possibilities.