Disputes and Chargebacks Policy

We at TheGreen.Diet work very hard to provide the best experience for our customers. We understand that sometimes there are delays that may cause inconveniences. We always try to improve our methods and even suppliers to better serve you. As per our Shipping Policy we remind you that orders are shipped out in 5 business days. This is the time we use to prepare, box and send out your order.

We understand that going past 5 days without receiving a shipping confirmation can be frustrating and we apologize. We only ask you to contact us at TheGreenDiet@Outlook.com. We will solve any issues to the best of our ability.

You as a customer have the right to place a dispute or file for a chargeback via your credit card provider in the case where we have failed to comply with our agreement. If you still wish to receive your order, a charge back will delay the process as funds are frozen. We will happily still send it and will do everything to not repeat a bad experience.

We believe that if more than 5 business days have gone by with no tracking information action is justifiable. However, placing a dispute that your order has not been sent before the 5 business days is a violation as we do inform you of the handling time. Due to our concern of previous problems the following will not be tolerated:

  • Placing a dispute or chargeback before the 5 business day handling time and claiming that your order has not been sent.
  • Denying receiving the package even though signature confirmation is required.

Upon commiting the above you will be flagged and we will no longer do business with you. The ban applies to:

  • The person ordering
  • The email address used
  • The credit card used
  • The billing address
  • The shipping address

This is solely to prevent fraud and further delaying orders. As fraudulent disputes still cause our funds to be withheld pending investigation and cause delays to others.